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Black Creek Pioneer Village 
Take a trip back to the past and see how your ancestors lived
In the early nineteenth century there was no fancy technology everything had to be done by hand
Black Creek Pioneer Village contains over 40 restored building from 1860 replicating the Victorian pioneer Lifestyle
You enter through the main gate and you are basically transported back in time to the early 1900’s
You will see houses and building constructed from stones and wood
The roads are all gravel with a vegetable garden at every homestead. They had to grow most of their own food
Different people had different skills from tins smiths to shoe makers

The Doctors office located in the village contains very primitive operating tools but they got the job done
The homestead were heat by a single wood stove had simple straw bed and a separate dining area
The school was a one room school house teaching all the primary grades in one room
They had to make all their own clothes thus prompting a weavers shop to produce the material required
1000 Murray Ross Parkway 

Toronto Onta M3J 2P3

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