Casual and Action Photography
Pet Photography
A pet is often considered to be man’s best friend
​ but at the sight of a camera pets are like human.
             ​​ Some ham it up while others run and hide.
Pet photography is fun   -the subject will never criticize your work.
Some pets see photography as a game.
            ​ A game with no rules .
            ​You use all the tricks fast shutter speeds ,
                                                     ​ various back drops,
                                                     ​ and a wide assortment of toys.
Try to catch them in action or getting them to pose both prove to be challenge to the photographer.
Here are some guidelines established by the professional pet photographer.
                 To capture the perfect image you need to focus on the eyes. This is a lot more difficult than with humans

               ​ Manually focus on a point between the animals eyes . .
                 Disable the auto focus feature of your camera .This is very difficult as no animal will sit still for any length of time .

                 ​You need to shoot quick and take multiple shots

​​Pets have a personality of their own. It is best to capture them in their natural environment.

​​ You will achieve better result when the animal is calm. To gain the animal’s trust prompt them with treats 0r a favorite toy.

T​o get the action shot observe the animal playing with their toy
                                                               ​You will need assistance as you can’t control the toy and the camera at the same time.

​Try to avoid flash as the flash may startle the animal.

​In Conclusion
​Pet photography is fun and challenging . Capture the animal in its natural environment Using the appropriate natural light and highlight the special features and details of the animal..

Pet Photography

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